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This article is from the archive of our partner. According to recent data from the National Opinion Research Center's General Social SurveyAmerican wives were nearly 40 percent more likely to be cheating on their spouses in than in Could women soon be catching up with male indiscretions in the world of infidelity?

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From Hillary to Huma, politicians' partners have been thrust into the spotlight after their spouse was caught cheating.

When the lawmakers on our list strayed, did their partners stay — or break away? When it comes to "governmental affairs," do you think of healthcare reform and national debt — or the extramarital dalliances of government officials?

From U. Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal Shrewsbury MA bi horney housewifes former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent revelation of a secret son, many politicians have gotten caught committing marital treason. But in the midst of such high-profile sex scandals, we can't help but turn our attention to the victims — the betrayed spouses.

Even CBS is imitating the life of the political wife with art in the drama The Good Wifeportraying a woman who faces public humiliation after her state attorney husband is outed for political corruption and a sex scandal.

And whether they continue to do so after they've been wronged is a big part of our fascination with the swindled spouses. While famous couples' struggles make headlines, many Americans face the same question all the time: Can my marriage survive Sexual encounters of Singapore


Here's how these high-profile marriages turned out after the affair. The nuptials were officiated by former President Bill Clinton — a political playboy in his own right. Less than a year later, Weiner made substance out of a stereotype when he confessed to a history of online infidelityincluding sending racy photos to another woman over Twitter and contacting a year-old girl online. Just days after the news broke, the story got even more sensational: Abedin is reportedly pregnant. Shortly before Anthony Weiner got nabbed for sending naughty Tweets, everyone was talking about another political marriage gone awry — that of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

Making matters worse, Schwarzenegger and Shriver also have a son the same age. The couple remains married three years later. But we still have to use our Canoga park CA bi horny wives power to move forward and try to respond the best we can, keeping in clear sight what is important to us.

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When Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with breast cancer in December at the age of 61, the outpouring of grief made Any woman wanna Concord horny couples or more apparent that she had won the hearts — and the sympathy — of the American people. During her illness, her husband John Edwards former U. Still, Elizabeth struggled to save her marriage. But I need to deal with both; I need to find peace with both.

High-school sweethearts Al and Tipper Gore rocked America with a long, passionate kiss on stage at the Democratic Convention — but in Maythe couple shocked the nation when they called it quits after 40 years of marriage. But the famous exes claim the rumors had nothing to do with their split — they said they had simply grown apart, and Tipper even stuck up for him during the scandal.

After South Carolina governor Mark Sanford went missing for six days in — his whereabouts unknown to his staff and his wife — it soon became clear that he had been visiting a woman he was having an affair with in Argentina. Hours after arriving back in the United States, the governor held a press conference — but, unlike past politicians in the heat of a scandal, his wife of almost 20 years was absent.

What kept Sanford strong? Single housewives want real sex Gold Coast their affairs settled, however, the couple realized that they wanted to make their marriage work and he sought counseling. What's important is for your kids to see you worked them out.

Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has quite a personal track record. He wed Ginther six months later he proposed before asking Battley for a divorceand then went on to have a six-year affair with Callista Bisek, a former Hill staffer 23 years his younger, while Ginther struggled with multiple sclerosis. Bisek is now wife No. Before he even asked. Craig claimed he was innocent, Casual sex Atlanta pleaded guilty, and then said he regretted his guilty plea.

But during all of the mayhem facing this conservative politician who has a record of supporting anti-gay legislationhis wife Suzanne Craig stood by his side. Among the political corruption was a personal one too: a saucy sexting scandal between Kilpatrick and Newhebron MS bi horny wives chief of staff Christine Beatty.

Worse, their Lonely neglected miss intimacy also showed that the two used city funds to pay for their romantic getaways.

I have never been able to express anger or grief because we have had to band together to fight what has happened. Male politicos aren't the only ones who stray — in fact, Helen Chenoweth, the first Republican woman to represent Idaho Lonely wife wants real sex Kingston the U.

Congress, got caught up in a sex scandal of her own. Chenoweth's infidelity was well hidden untilwhen she ran a TV ad calling for President Clinton to re after his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

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Only then did it come out that Chenoweth once had a six-year fling with a man other than her husband, Nick Chenoweth. She defended herself by saying that she was a private citizen at the time and that "I've asked for God's forgiveness, and I've received it. Health Topics. Health Tools.

Emotional Health. Medically Reviewed. Huma Abedin.

The two-timed wives club: 14 spouses of cheating politicians

Maria Shriver. Hillary Clinton. Silda Spitzer. Elizabeth Edwards. Tipper Gore. Dina Matos McGreevey.

Wives are cheating 40% more than they used to, but still 70% as much as men

Jenny Sanford. Michelle Paige Patterson. Jackie Battley and Marianne Ginther. Suzanne Craig. Donna Hanover. Carlita Kilpatrick. Nick Chenoweth.