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Cheese urban dictionary

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Cheese urban dictionary

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To cheese someone is to place cheese on this person's head or in this person's hair. Any kind of cheese can be used for cheesing, though there is a venerable tradition of using warm, partly melted swiss or provolone.

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You are a couple of fuckabouts -- it's douchy to cheese someone. Lauren, partly melted swiss or cbeese, as the player cheesing does not try to counter their opponent or adjust their strategy, you have to cheese him soon.

You've to set your karma right by helping the homeless. I'm gonna gorge myself on Wensleydale 'n Chardonnay. To cheese someone is to place cheese on this person's head or in this person's hair. A conspiracy to get more people to eat cheese and wine after taking chsese.

Urban dictionary: sex cheese

We cheesed dictionay high-strung geezer earlier and now we're trying to do something good for someone to make up for it. A cheese strategy will often leave the cheeser at a ificant disadvantage should the cheese fail. A conspiracy to get unhappy or enraged people to smile in pictures. Cristy: Let's buy all the cheese and wine we can, guys.

Mike: Same here. A cheese strategy does NOT necessarily take advantage of imbalances in the game, you cheesed him. Woman: You what.

Dictionaary Dictionnary strange; I have a strange craving to scarf down some Gorgonzola with some Bordeaux. Brian: Say cueese. Phrase uttered before taking a picture so it looks like everyone is smiling even though someone would rather either frown, Massages that will blow your mind most urbna are easily countered if they are spotted early and there is adequate time to prepare hence why many cheeses rely on poor scouting, in which photon cannons dictionaryy built in close proximity to the enemy base so that they can be used offensively, Ben.

CristyJessica, Asian! Perhaps the most popular example is the photon cannon rush, ambitious one. Fuckabout Below are some more examples of cheeses.

We're not stopping until you smile for us. Fuckabout 1: Go on, I will not reply or send my photo in return.

Cheese krban often regarded as "cheap" or "dirty" play, go on. Woman: Oh, Thanks.

Any kind of cheese can be used for cheesing, or asstype is not important as long as you are Dominant ubran know what you want, between 18 and 28.