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Crack urban dictionary

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Crack urban dictionary

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Crack on 1. A term to motivate an individual or group of people to get on with a urbban in hand, especially after being demonstrated or explained the task first. Similar to get a move on. Understand or see. By not inderstanding what someone meant verbally, or not seeing something so not knowing what was happening. Usuallly not seeing or under something that was meant as a joke.

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Urban dictionary: thats crack

Similar to get a move on. To open to a slight extent: crack a window to let in some air. The quality or state of excellence.

Informal The fissure between the buttocks. You have to crack the egg before you can put it in the mixing bowl. It is highly addictive A sharp snapping sound, such as the report of a firearm.

Urban dictionary: whats the crack

A small gap on the surface of an object. An attempt or try: gave him a crack at the job; took a crack at photography. Crack on 1.

To cause to break without complete separation of parts: The pebble cracked the car's windshield. Law obsolete slang a burglar or burglary An illegally obtained password or file to a copyrighted computer program. A moment; an instant: at the crack of dawn. Understand or see.

To praise highly: He was simply not the genius he was cracked up to be. Music, other to cause urbah voice to change tone or become harsh or of the voice to change tone, esp to a higher register; break 5. To punch someone in an altercation. A breaking, harshly dissonant vocal tone or sound, as in hoarseness.

See Synonyms at joke. Phrasal Verbs: To act more forcefully to regulate, repress, or restrain: The police cracked down on speeding.

To break through an obstacle in order to win acceptance or acknowledgment: finally cracked the "men-only" rule at the club. To open up for use or consumption: crack a book; cracked a beer. VERB: 1.

To wreck a vehicle in an accident: cracked up on the expressway. To cause the voice to crack. Excelling in skill or achievement; first-rate: a crack shot; a crack tennis player. Chemistry to break a molecule into smaller molecules or radicals Housewives looking nsa Butternut Wisconsin 54514 the action of heat, as in the distillation of petroleum Pathology a break or fracture without complete separation of the two parts: a crack in the window.

Urban dictionary: crack on

Irish Fun had when socializing; social amusement. Informal To tell a jokeespecially on impulse or in an effective manner.

To experience or cause to experience a great deal of amusement: really cracked up when I heard that joke. The solid form of the illicit, recreational drug, cocaine. A slight narrow space: The window was open a crack.

Theres a crack on the sidewalk over here. To cause to break with a sharp snapping sound: crack nuts. Similar to catch on. Informal a.

Having a small gap on the surface of an object. To break or snap apart: The branch cracked off and fell. To cause to come into forceful contact with something, especially with a sharp sound: fell and cracked his head against the floor.

To cause to have a mental or physical breakdown. Medicine a physical or mental defect; flaw To discover the solution to, especially after considerable effort: crack a code. Yo son i need to smoke some crack ASAP.